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Project Management
This detailed and comprehensive 5-day project management training course is suitable for anyone who will have a leadership role in any project environment. It is suitable for. Programme managers, project directors, project managers, team leaders, Quality managers and those responsible for implementing projects. There are no prerequisites - no prior project management training is necessary.
Prince2™ e-learning
Welcome to the PRINCE2 accredited e- learning course delivered in partnership with the International Learning exchange ILX group. The aim of Africaexecutive in bringing you this e-learning course is to provide: Better opportunities for learners across Africa to discover and gain access to PRINCE 2 project management qualifications remotely through the use of better learning tools, easier access to personal learning information such as portfolios, and access to greater quality assured learning materials.
Business Negotiation
This TWO-day training Programme is designed to equip delegates with the principles of Business Negotiations. It provides detailed strategies on the subject of negotiation and explores both the Win/Win and Win/Lose approach and aims to instill confidence for positive Business negotiations.
Leadership Qualities in Leading to Deliver (L2D)

This is a TWO-Day training course developed to help members and organisations to recognise the difference between a manager and a leader and to steer managers and aspiring managers into becoming effective leaders. The training will provide aspiring leaders with the tools they need to enable them to promote a long-term vision for their organisation. We will show you how to make the best use of resources whilst continually seeking improvement in the overall effectiveness of the organisation.

Persuading and Influencing (PI)

This ONE-Day training course is designed to help individuals or members of organisation to gain the skills to present opinions and recommendations in a captivating manner. The ability to structure presentations to attain maximum result and buy- in from stakeholders and others.

Performance Management (PM)
The way your team is developing after expensive training has been delivered is very vital to the organisation success. This area of our courses provides you with the tool set to enable you to assess the skill and abilities linked to given responsibilities. This is a ONE-Day training course which attendees will find very helpful.
Risk Evaluation and Management (REM)

In Business, all initiatives have associated Risk, which if not identified in time and managed effectively will be detrimental to success. This course will help you not only identify, but provide you with the tools to develop strategic measures to counter the Risks. This is a Three-day event, which we highly recommend for individuals and organisations.

Issues & Crisis Management (ICM)
How to handle accidents and failures to win back the trust and integrity of superiors, colleagues or the public is sometimes very difficult. This ONE day course will provide the insight into how to avoid crises and how to handle bad publicity and help you and your organisation rise above the odds
Stakeholder Management (SHM)
This course will not only help with business development, but will show you how to handle business relationships to counter any potential disruption to your organisation achieving its strategic goal. Stakeholders are vital in the decisions made at inception of initiatives and most importantly during and after the products have been delivered. How to ensure you do not lose sight of individual requirements based on perceptions is what this course is specially designed to achieve.
Benefit Realisation
The aim of this one day course is to focus delegates attention on how to realise project benefits. It emphasizes on the distinction between project deliverables and project benefits, and teaches various techniques that can be used to realise project benefits.



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Africa Executive - Project Management Training Courses and Consultancy - Prince 2 E-Learning Course - Ghana Africa

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